Call for speakers at Mozcamp EU 2011: Engagement & Regionalization

Picture by Ian Murchison (under creative commons)

The 2011 editions of MozCamp Europe and Asia are just around the corner.
The theme for this year will be: “Many Voices, One Mozilla”
elebrating our diversity and unity as Mozillians. As an organization we’ve embarked upon some new and exciting initiatives, taken on ambitious goals and grown immensely.  It’s time to come together, have some important discussions, explore new opportunities, stretch our skillsets and do some celebrating along the way.
You can find more information on William Quiviger’s blog post.

CALL FOR SPEAKERS: Engagement & Regionalization

One of the tracks will be dedicated to the topic of “Engagement and Regionalization” or, in other words, discussing how we bring Mozilla to the world. This covers a broad range of subjects such as brand identity, competitive landscape, new technology trends, community building, REMO, marketing campaigns, grassroots efforts, social media, copywriting, localization… lot to cover and lots to talk about!And you can play a role here. The content of the track will be open and result from a collaborative effort. If you are interested in giving a talk or leading a session or workshop, let us know.
>>> How to submit your proposal <<<
- Simply email the planning team: mozcamp [at]

- make sure to specify which MozCamp you would be attending by adding [MozCamp EU] or [MozCamp Asia] in the subject line. - please describe your idea in a few sentences (the more details the better) and add a tentative summary or key ideas you would like to communicate. This will help the planning team and track leaders curate and organize your content within the track.

Here are a few thoughts and guidelines to keep in mind when crafting your talk:
1- Respect the theme and goals Make sure your talk, workshop or session fits within this year’s overarching theme (Many Voices, One Mozilla) and of particular interest will be: - How can we more people get involved? - How can we leverage the Firefox brand promise? - How can we get Firefox in the hands of more people? - How can build awareness and involvement in new areas like BrowserID?
2- Let’s get creative Different formats and rooms will be available, so don’t censor yourself! Sessions can use different formats: they can be talks/presentations, learning workshops or any interactive get-together. Let us know what you have in mind and we can work on making it happen.
3- Controversy welcome If something is wrong or annoys you, let’s discuss it. But be sure to keep your criticism constructive and bring a solution to the table!
4- Partner up! Think about who you might bring an interesting perspective to your topic and submit a session with them.  We’ll be limited on time so we’ll look to combine complimentary sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you at Mozcamps and hearing your talks.