Flattr is a social micro-payment platform that lets users pay publishers for content they like (on a voluntary basis). How does it work?

1. Users create their Flattr account and set the monthly amount they want to dedicate to publisher retributions

2. When users find content that they like - blog post, article, game, video, audio, etc. - they can click the flattr button (pretty much like a ‘tweet this’ or 'like’ button) and assign a share of their monthly 'bounty’ to this publisher. Of course, the latter has to install the button on their site first.

3. At the end of the month, users are debited and their contribution is split in as many shares as they clicked Flattr buttons on the intarweb.

4. Publishers collect as many shares as there were clicks on their button.

Makes any sense? Ok, just watch the video.