Google[x] - Project Glass

Looks like the future. When augmented reality meets the web, geolocation, social and turns us into ‘augmented beings’. There is another word for that: cyborg. Sexy, fascinating… and a little creepy.

Some of these contextual features could be incredibly useful, some others clear distractions. I can also imagine so many ways this could be used as social cheats (yeah, I look like I’m talking to you right now, but what I’m really doing is reading notes out loud, or looking up the wikipedia entry for this artist you love and I had never heard of, or maybe I’m simply bored and checking pictures on FB).

My favorite functionality, by far, is the integrated camera and screen sharing features (1:42 to 2:20). Better hope that no one hacks into your “glass” though…

Check out the project page.

(via  Monsieur Gayno)