Turn information into an experience

Qwiki is a service that let’s you “consume” information in an interactive way. Instead of browsing back and forth between Wikipedia, Youtube and other media sources to get an exhaustive understanding of the topic you are trying to grasp, Qwiki’s technologiy puts together what one could call a “media patchwork” pulling content from several sources (they don’t mention their sources but I am guessing all the usual suspects: Youtube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Fotolia, and plenty of smaller sites etc.).

I really enjoy the UI so far and think it could become a hit. Personally I can picture myself having lean-back watching sessions. One obvious way to improve the experience would be the addition of curated content and channels.

Also would like to point out two limitation that have been annoying me during my tests and that could really hinder me from enjoying the service for more than a few seconds:

1/ the robot-like voice tends to get really annoying after a few seconds

2/ certain topics remain a bit shallow (e.g. try ‘Italian Renaissance’). I imagine this can be addressed by adding more content sources / indexing more content

All in all, very interesting idea that I would love to see grow.

If you would like to give Qwiki a spin, just ask me for an invite.